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Launching the 2018 Grafting Season !
    Bud-grafting against Esca / Innesti a gemma t-bud e chip-bud contro l esca

    They talk about us, and that's in Italy !

    We thank Organic Wine & Italian Wine for publishing these 3 articles on their website.




    Best Wishes 2018
      Retten, was noch zu retten ist

      Our last article published in Vinum Weinmagazin !
      Text and Photos : Rolf Bichsel.

      Influence of grafting on vineyard longevity

      We invite you to read the latest special edition of the French journal "Fruits oubliés" (n.71) : a very interesting dossier about "Diversity for a sustainable viticulture" including Marc Birebent's last article : Influence of grafting on vineyard longevity.



      Enfermedades de madera de la vid e Injerto : mirar el pasado para ver el futuro

      Our last article published in the Spanish journal Enoviticultura n°46 / 2017 :

      Como cuidar los vinedos para que vuelvan a vivir 100 anos ?

      Enfermedades de madera de la vid e Injerto : mirar el pasado para ver el futuro !

      Launching our Grafting Season 2017 !
        Save the date ! Next Conference in Italy : Sustainable Viticulture Seminar. Thursday 23 March 2017 at 9:00, in Bolgheri, LI, Italy. Conference speaker Marc Birebent.
        Marc Birebent, conference speaker at the next conference on the Grapevine Trunk Diseases and Vine Decline in Arezzo - Italy, on January 19th, 2017.

          Marc Birebent, conference speaker at the "6th Rencontres des Cépages Modestes" - Meeting old grape varieties


            Next Conference in Vilafranca de Penedes, Spain - 19th May 2016
              Launching our Grafting Season 2016 ! Beautiful vineyards and breathtaking views to come !
                Conference, February the 4th 2016 Château Luc, Luc-sur-Orbieu - Aude, France. Seminary Delinat Consulting

                Conferencia en Espana, el 22 de enero 2016 / Conference in Spain, 22nd January 2016

                Proxima conferencia :

                en la Rioja - Espana

                El 22 de enero de 2016

                Como cuidar los vinedos para que vuelvan a vivir 100 anos ?


                Next conference :

                Rioja, Spain

                22nd January 2016

                Vineyard management pratices to increase vine longevity

                Worldwide Vineyards Corporate, Bringing Vines Back to Life

                Created in 1985, our organisation Worldwide Vineyards specializes in bud-grafting techniques (T-bud and Chip-bud) and has been delivering grafting and top-grafting services for over 30 years in many wine-growing countries. For every vineyard worldwide, we offer an immediate conversion solution. Top-grafting is the best way to quickly change a cultivar no longer adapted. Very old vines may also be grafted successfully while preserving their high-quality production thanks to their well-developed root system. Grafting onto rootstocks directly in the field is the current way to improve plant structure and vineyard durability (better healing and bonding processes). As for research, we’ve been experimenting for over 10 years on the quality of different grafting techniques, and on any factor that could weaken or decline the vines prematurely. That’s the reason why we can offer a solution to vine decline problems (Syrah disorder, Esca, …).
                  A beautiful ending season and 30th birthday party with all our friend grafters
                    Top-grafting in Alsace, Vitinews Alsace talks about us !

                    Conference - Grafting in the field for sustainable vineyards

                    Project SALVE. The role of grapevine propagation material in the preservation of Campania viticultural heritage. 6 May 2015 Lapio (AV),Italia.

                      CONFERENCE - Grafting rootstocks for sustainable vines

                      Old techniques for the Viticulture of the Future ? Thursday 5 February 2015 - 14:00 Chateau Simian Piolenc, France

                        Grafting season is at its height!

                        Come and see our grafters in action!

                          17-20 June 2013 – VINEXPO 2013, Bordeaux

                          Meet us at Tenuta Cavalier Pepe Stand : we will be glad to present you the new Winemaking Process with No Added Sulfites, INTEGRAPES© VINEXPO 2013, Bordeaux - Hall 1 Stand BD-106-5.

                          VINEXPO 2013, Bordeaux - Hall 1 Stand BD-106-5

                          Voir sur le web :
                          - VINEXPO.

                            November 2011: Meet us in Milano, at the SIMEI-ENOVITIS Trade Show, 22-26 November 2011- Fiera Milano Rho!!!

                            Worldwide Vineyards Italia inaugurates its setting up in Italy with a first participation in the famous Milanese Trade Show.

                            Useful links:
                            - ENOVITIS
                            - SIMEI

                              2-4 August 2011: Worldwide Vineyards, exhibitor at the Intervitis Interfructa Trade Show in Cape Town, South Africa!!!

                              Meet us on the French Pavilion at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 2011, Intervitis Interfructa Trade Show, 2-4 August 2011...

                                Worldwide Vineyards celebrates its quarter century!

                                To introduce its second quarter century and to meet its constant development in the European market, Worldwide Vineyards has decided to open two subsidiaries, one in Italy and one in Portugal.
                                  Top grafting Campaign

                                  Don't forget to make the official submissions required early on in the process (authorizations, subsidies, etc.).
                                    BlogL'Impact de la greffe sur la recrudescence de l'esca
                                    En 1895, le professeur d'agriculture Baptiste Drouhault écrivait dans la Revue de Viticulture, ancêtre du Progrès Agricole et Viticole :« C'est de la perfection des soudures que dépendent surtout la vigueur et la longévité des vignes greffées. [...] On cherche...